The Satanic Chapel contains a very broad and diverse resource and link section which is updated daily. Though many organizations are on our link list, we affiliate or endorse with some of them. We do support and accept all religions right to exist but we do not entangle our freedom in the politics, ethics and actions of others.


If you come across a site claiming or implying some connection to the Satanic Chapel, or endorsement by the Satanic Chapel, yet they are not linked via this site, then you're being scammed. If you want to be sure please contact us.



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WSA352 Grotto

Sinagogue of Satan Chat Room

Modern Church of Satan Grotto Forum

The Hellfire Club of the Forum World

Compassion for the Passionate
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Guidelines for Link Consideration

The official website of the Satanic Chapel currently links to other sites under the following conditions that they either support or are affiliated.

Member of the Satanic Chapel

Satanic Chapel members who have created websites may apply to the webmaster and request that your site be considered for our Links page. Provide your info for confirmation and send in your URL with it. We will then examine your site at our soonest convenience and make a judgment, and will inform you as to our decision.

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