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6 August, XLIV A.S.: The Satanic Chapel Is Under Major Renovations

  As of August the Satanic Chapel is going under repair and will be back as soon as possible, we will keep everybody updated.

13 April, XLIV A.S.: Help Publish The Next Great Piece Of Satanic Literature 


You can support alternative literature with a small donation as low as $2.00.

Donate as little as $2.00

Donate $50.00 and you’ll receive a free copy of the book with a personalized inscription.

Donate $100.00 to help put the Satanic Chapel name included within the acknowledgment section of the book.

Please spread the word.

Matt “The Lord” Zane

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11 April, XLIV A.S.: Today we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of
Magus Anton Szandor LaVey.

Magus Anton Szandor LaVey (photo by Carl Abrahamsson)

Hail Doktor!

Anton LaVey gave us all a marvelous gift in his creation of the world’s first carnal religion.

Unlike the rest of existing creeds, his philosophy is devoid of the spiritual. He did not claim to be Satan’s emissary. He did not tell us to seek congress with “higher powers” or supernatural intelligences. Instead, he had the boldness to sweep away all deities and hierarchies of mythological beings, leaving each Satanist alone, but as his or her own god, and what an exhilarating position that is to be in!

And this set of ideas reflects the nature of the Satanist, which means never to be attracted to the myriad flavors of belief systems that have always been the crutch needed by the majority of the human race. The Satanist from birth has a maturity which does not require supernatural or governmental parental figures. We view with pity those seekers after succor from non-existing beings. There will always be humans eager to take advantage of that weakness and they’ll fashion creeds galore for those poor saps.

During that “occult explosion” of the 1960s, the Church of Satan was unique in its rock-solid rejection of faith. Dr. LaVey was no guru looking to sell self-abnegation and submissiveness to “divine” or “infernal” authority. Instead he challenged the daring few to hold dominion over their destinies. And as the founder and leader of what quickly became a worldwide movement, unlike others, he did not become drunk with power, nor did he demand that his colleagues must parrot his aesthetics. He offered those brave enough to share with him the label “Satanist” the freedom to cultivate their own proclivities, and that is truly a rare achievement. His epiphany was one of singularity—that we each stand solitary and must take command of our lives by being our own Gods. That is for the valiant few to whom it comes naturally.

On this day we too stand, each alone but in glorious concert, with those who share our audacity and exhibit the hallmarks of being a Satanist—faithless and proud, as was Dr. LaVey at the founding of the Church of Satan.

We salute you, dear departed Magus, and offer to you in return our greatest possible tribute, the gift of our creations which are wrought with the breadth of our inventiveness expressing the range of our individuality.

Nothing would have made him prouder than to see you all in the exquisite fecundity of your productivity.

Hail Anton Szandor LaVey!

Hail Satan!

14 March, XLIV A.S.: Them Satanists are at it again To debunk the whole “we’re just internet Satanists” bullshit I give you an illustrated story about the Satanic Chapel and the Sinagogue of Satan causing havoc all over the Bay Area. 😉 (more images available online)

Where the fuck am I at!
The Mad Poet, Knife, and the Reverend of the Dark Side in front of the Rosicrucian Temple

14 January, XLIV A.S.: Finally a response to that Grand Moron Blackwood (Tom Raspotnik. Click Here if you want to view the infamous letter forwarded to Grand Magister (bullshit title) Blackwood entitled the “Black Expos�.” Also the WSA is now an official grotto of the Satanic Chapel, Go Here for more info or Click Here to visit their Ning network.

13 November, XLIII A.S.: It has been awhile since we updated the Satanic Chapel website, we have some good news and bad news; the bad news is we still have bugs and glitches involving our “Members Section” we are working on finding new software. As for the good news, we are still growing in numbers and get much needed support, we still have our haters and this idiot calling himself Magister Blackwood thinks he’s exposing Satanism or us for that matter, do your will and show him what the fuck is up.. We are also working on a new Emporium so you can have a wide selection of items related to Satanism and much more so please come back often to see our progress. Click Here if you want to view our Emporium now!

20 January, XLIII A.S.: Satanic Chapel Records is now up on the Links section. Click Herefor more information on the record label dedicated in finding talent within the Satanic Chapel like Syrian metal band Absentation.



24 November, XLII A.S.: The First Rastafarian Church of Satan has gained their independence and are no longer a grotto of the Satanic Chapel they are still our brothers and we support them in their decision in relocating to Ethiopia. Click Here for more information on the First Rastafarian Church of Satan.

24 November, XLII A.S.: At Pagan Days Fest with our brothers the Sinagogue of SatanKnife was even promoting his latest album ‘Money Sex Power.’ Click the image below for more pics.

Pagan Days Fest 2007
23 November, XLII A.S.: Another official grotto has been added to the Links section called Morning Star Missionary based in Canada.

18 November, XLII A.S.: Knifer is the fresh name in gospel/religious rap. Read the press release here. Ave Satanas!

13 November, XLII A.S.: Emperor Noctulius’ book “The Path to Satan” are now in print. Buy yours today. here. Enjoy!

1 November, XLII A.S.: Our very own priest Emperor Noctulius announces his new book soon to be published titled “The Path to Satan”, manuscripts are available if you contact him personally. Ebooks are now available for 99 cents in the emporium. Enjoy! Soon to come print editions of the book.

31 October, XLII A.S.: The Satanism in Spain Grotto is officially open by our very own Reverend Astaroth, check out the links section for more info, interested in meeting the grotto master just click here. Happy Halloween!

31 October, XLII A.S.: Knife’s new EP “Advocatus Diabolus” has been released, Knife’s Advocatus Diaboli EP is NOW in the Emporium… Enjoy!

13 August, XLII A.S.:Syrian band Absentation releases their new album Mental Battle Resurrection Enjoy!

7 July, XLII A.S.: We’ve added a Knife’s Money Sex Power Album is in stores now (sold worldwide)… Enjoy!

4 May, XLII A.S.: The Satanic Chapel at the Spring Enchantment Faire (sponsored by Enchantwear by Tamarie, Inc.)

3 May, XLII A.S.: We’ve added Membership Certificates in the Emporium. Also available, the frame when you ask for it!

3 March, XLII A.S.: We’ve added DJ Clueless Productions Presents Knife in East Los Most Wanted album to the Emporium… Enjoy!

29 January, XLII A.S.: We’ve added Knife’s Still Satan album to the Emporium… A year later and he’s still on it. Enjoy!

29 January, XLII A.S.: Rest in Peace Mr. WilsonCelebrate the life, work and continued multi-dimensionality of anarchist Robert Anton Wilson by joining us in a giant, jammin’ Translation Celebration and 8th Circuit Soiree!

Where: The Cocoanut Grove, on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA:
When: Sunday, February 18, 2007
Time: 1 – 6 PM
Tickets: $23 each
Limited number available! To purchase tickets