The Owner of All Infernal Names

“The Owner of All Infernal Names” by John Zande is not only an engaging read but additionally a wondrous resource for people of all ages. The book is prodigiously extremely well researched and full of pertinent sources by a wide range of authors, historians, and theologians. As I read this book , it was at times painful to see my own life reflected back out of the pages, but the author is skillful and empathetic in pealing off our “masks” and exposing our numerous imperfections and our false conceptions and goals. Ultimately the book teaches us that what is worth pursuing today is timeless and runs counter to what we observe in our superficial and self absorbed culture. This book will give the reader fresh eyes to see reality more clearly, and in so doing, help us live out a more consummating life. This is a highly salutary book for anyone, and should read and re-read. -Rev. Marvin “Knife” Sotelo

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